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The vast majority of items being offered are 100% handcrafdted by me in my woodshop located in beautiful Poulsbo, Washington.  The woods used in all my projects are purchased from local suppliers and are the most beautiful domestic and exotic species available.  I handcraft each project from wood selection, milling, fabrication and finishing.

I also include antiques in my showroom that have been completely restored and finished.

My shop is equipped with the tools and machinery that enable me to repair most any furniture repair needs including parts duplication and replacement, caning service, veneering, and finishing.  


My Story

I began my love of woodworking in 1968 while in the Submarine Service and stationed in Hawaii.  During the past 50 years, I have operated woodworking businesses in Hawaii, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio and Washington State.  My work includes handcrafted Windsor Chairs, Furniture in many styles including, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Mission, and my own designs.  I specialize in handcrafted jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, bowl turning, wood toys and much more.  Recently, I have incorporated CNC machinery into my workshop which will enable me to personalize my projects with engraving, lettering, carvings and sign making.  I also specialize in antique restoration and furniture repair such as parts duplication, replacement, refinishing, veneering, caning and more.

Contact Us

Please contact us by phone:  360-394-6280 or


our address:

15621 Clear Creek Rd NW

Poulbo, Wa. 98370

Carpenter Organizing his Tools

A Little About Me

My Story

I am a self taught woodworker as I believe most of us are.  I have attended many week long and weekend workshops covering many aspects of the woodworking craft.  I have attended all of Mike Dunbar's Windsor Chair Institute classes in New Hampshire that enabled me to produce a line of Windsor Chairs including sack back, continuous arm, writing arm, fan back and settee styles.  Much of my business involvesantique restoration.  This covers parts duplication and repairs, finishing, veneering, caning, fiber rush, and more.

Recently, I have incorporated CNC into my business.  This allows me to personalize projects with engraving, carvings and sign marking.

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind"

Johannes Brahms

Ron Messersmith

For any inquiries or orders please get in touch with me today.

15621 Clear Creek Rd NW
Poulsbo, Wa.  98370



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